Distributed Asymmetric Recondite Circuit

Arcanum Technology developed DARC as a tool to fortify sensitive data and help close the gap of cyber protection. This product was designed to drive security technology ahead of cyber criminals to not just level, but significantly decrease the frequency of data security related incidents.

What is DARC?

DARC (Distributed Asymmetric Recondite Circuit) is Arcanum Technology’s proprietary cipher. It is revolutionary in its approach because of its ability to protect any and all transactional data from the moment of entry, through transmission, and while at rest. DARC is ephemeral in nature and non-deterministic, so every communication value is different, even if the messages are identical.

DARC can be paired with nKode to allow for a customized keypad interface which utilizes our cipher algorithm to secure data not just during password authentication, but throughout the entire data transfer process. It can also be implemented in any pre-existing virtual interface, from bank to computer logins, to provide added security without user’s seeing a difference in their login process.

Technical Overview

Though most algorithms are either strictly symmetric or asymmetric in nature, DARC combines the two to create a hybrid algorithm which utilizes previously exclusively symmetric transformations, allowing it to be quantum resistant.

Additionally, while most algorithms available today are only capable of using 1 byte per character to encrypt the data being processed, DARC is tunable from 1 to 20 bytes per character depending on the sensitivity of the data being exchanged, available bandwidth, processing capability, etc.