More than 400 banking executives, business leaders, and investors attended Demo Day to see presentations from 10 startup participants. Arcanum Technology was awarded MVP of the event...

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Our N-Kōd Secure Authentication solution re-establishes confidence in the security of passcode systems. We fortify the passcode system with an end-to-end multi-layered security approach, while providing a simple and reliable personalized end user interaction.

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Our proprietary and cutting-edge Distributed Asymmetric Recondite Circuit (DARC) is an incredibly Powerful solution for securing data transmission. Together with N-Kōd, DARC thwarts sophisticated methods of online credential & identity theft like never before.


"N-Kōd has the potential to replace password authentication as we know it...DARC is a highly-innovative & potentially market-disrupting technology."

- Bob Bigman
Retired CISO CIA

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