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'18 Fall

FinovateFall 2018

On behalf of all of us here at Finovate, thank you for demoing at FinovateFall 2018. We sincerely hope you had a productive, enjoyable experience and were able to make some good connections.

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'18 Aug

US Patent Awarded To Arcanum Technology


Contact: Brian Finnan
Phone: 706-338-7464

US Patent Awarded To Arcanum Technology

Arcanum Technology, Inc.(, headquartered in Athens, GA has been awarded a US Patent for its unique cybersecurity software: nKode. The software had been in a "patent pending" status for 6 years and has undergone arduous examination. The company was notified on August 2, 2018, that it has now been granted full patent status.

The nKode software features a virtual interface that allows a 4-character passcode to be more secure than 8-16-character passwords users are currently trying to remember. The randomly shuffled interface integrates with a market disruptive cipher which protects all transactional data from the moment of entry through transmission.

Arcanum Technology was also given the MVP Award at the recent Venture Center Accelerator Program in Little Rock, AR sponsored by FIS, where the 3 co-founders spent 12 weeks showing their technology to numerous banks.

Brian Finnan, Arcanum Technology CEO, said "I am so proud of what our development staff has achieved and of the recognition we're receiving from a variety of markets throughout the country. Our initial focus was on the financial services sector and with the patent now in place, we're ready to roll out our technology to the healthcare, education, military, government, general business and e-commerce markets as well. The coming months are going to be very exciting."

nKode is a significant advancement in passcode authentication technology. It protects the user's online credentials during entry and throughout the authentication process. nKode is able to accomplish this through a well-fortified security framework that includes a virtual keypad with an expanded character set and a groundbreaking cypher algorithm.

'15 Oct

Arcanum Technology Introduces nKode: The Evolution of Authentication

New technology delivers expanded character set, sophisticated encryption system and an innovative cypher algorithm to fortify passcodes

LAS VEGAS - October 26, 2015 - Arcanum Technology LLC, a developer of innovative authentication solutions, today announced the launch of the nKode, a significant advancement in passcode authentication technology for financial institutions and online merchants. Arcanum Technology's nKode authentication solution creates a secure online business environment through an easy-to-use, yet sufficiently complex system that protects user information from entry through confirmation. Arcanum Technology is launching and demonstrating nKode this week in Startup Row Booth No. 5 at the Money20/20 conference in Las Vegas.

In the last decade, banks and most retailers have moved aggressively to establish an online presence in an effort to generate revenue and reduce service and support costs. Authentication is a necessary first step in any online transaction. However, traditional authentication methods are fraught with exposure points where user data is open to attack by cybercriminals. To date, the majority of investment has gone into adding complicated layers to the authentication process with no investment into strengthening the weakest link, the passcode.

"User authentication is the critical exposure point, and it is the key to the solution," said Dennis Maicon, COO of Arcanum Technology. "Our transformative approach generates a series of unique tokenized system values, ensuring that all passcode data is never 'in the wild' where cybercriminals can steal it. nKode safeguards user identifiable information at entry and throughout the authentication process, re-establishing the lost confidence in the passcode system."

Arcanum Technology's nKode is able to effectively protect user credentials through a well-fortified security framework that includes an expanded character set and an innovative cypher algorithm.

nKode is:

  • Secure - nKode protects user identities at every vulnerable point in the authentication process. At the core of the solution is a cutting-edge translation algorithm that generates a complex series of tokenized values to ensure the customer's actual passcode is never exposed. The solution also greatly expands the character set to include alphanumeric characters, symbols, colors and key position options.
  • User-friendly - nKode technology is highly complex, but end users are protected from that complexity. The software is based on the familiar PIN and password concept. Users enter their passcodes on a virtual keypad that randomly shuffles the input of password attributes for every login.
  • Cost-effective - nKode can be used on any existing physical keypads and all popular browsers. The solution is portable to all electronic delivery channels. The solution can be used in conjunction with other or existing authentication technologies (e.g., biometric solutions) to augment their defenses.

nKode can be used on all electronic delivery channels from online banking to mobile banking to e-commerce and is immediately available from Arcanum Technology.

About Arcanum Technology

Arcanum Technology provides an innovative and cost-effective authentication solution that helps financial services organizations, banks and online merchants create a safe and secure business environment for their customers. The company's breakthrough nKode system elevates the authentication process with an expanded character set and an innovative cypher algorithm that generates a series of tokenized values every step in the process. For more information on nKode or Arcanum Technology, visit or call 866.350.7200.

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