Feedback from Reputable Sources Regarding Our Technology

"Revolutionary, stunned, speechless and I am usually not speechless..."

John Buhrmaster
President & CEO
1st National Bank of Scotia

"For Protecting Data, Arcanum Technology is Ahead of the Curve..."

Col. Bill Platte
Cyber Battle Lab Commander at Fort Gordon, Augusta Ga

"Simply amazing... you guys are really on to something amazing that would reshape not only password authentication for banking but ALL industries."

Samantha Burrington
Project Management Officer – Pioneer Bank

"nKode has the potential to replace password authentication as we know it. This technology has the capability to become an industry standard that allows users/consumers to authenticate with extreme confidence that their credentials cannot be compromised by way of shoulder surfing or any malicious software residing on the device itself.

This brings us to the DARC cipher. I have reviewed many other cryptographic algorithms. After reviewing what Arcanum has developed, I can say without any hesitancy...this is a highly innovative and potentially market disrupting technology. DARC could be of incredible value to many verticals but even more so to highly sensitive governmental information."

Bob Bigman
Retired CISO CIA