The Evolution of Authentication

N-Kōd is a significant advancement in passcode authentication technology. It protects the user's online credentials during entry and throughout the authentication process. N-Kōd is able to accomplish this through a well-fortified security framework that includes a virtual keypad with an expanded character set and a groundbreaking cypher algorithm.

Problem: Passwords are being hacked at a rate of 95 per second, through client-side mal-ware, key logging, screen scraping, shoulder surfing, network server breaches, as well as 3rd party data breaches. Users struggle to manage and remember their passwords as businesses/enterprises are resorting to longer, complex passwords as well as mandating changing passwords frequently.

Solution: Arcanum has created N-Kōd, a dynamic passcode virtual interface that works with as few as 4 characters and is more secure than the 8 to 16 character passwords users are currently trying to remember. The randomly shuffled interface leverages our market disruptive DARC (Distributed Asymmetric Recondite Circuit) cipher which protects any and all transactional data from the moment of entry, through transmission and while at rest. Even if the data is hacked it is useless to the hacker. We have created the most secure knowledge-based authentication in the market.


At the core of the N-Kōd solution is a cutting-edge cypher algorithm that generates a series of unique tokenized system values to ensure the customer's actual passcode is never exposed. N-Kōd reduces the complexity of passcodes by expanding their character set to include alphanumeric characters, symbols, colors and key position options.


N-Kōd is based on the familiar password methodology. Users enter their passcodes on a virtual keypad that randomly shuffles the input of password attributes for every login. An expanded character set allows users to customize passcode combinations to the images, colors, letters and numbers that are most meaningful and memorable.


N-Kōd is easy to deploy using our standard widget integration or API. The solution is portable to all electronic delivery channels. It can be used in conjunction with other authentication technologies to augment their defenses.